Welcome to our first attempts at two video clips., You will however, need QUICKTIME3 in order to view them, since they won't work if you're still using Quicktime2. If you'd rather avoid a 6.8mb download from the Internet, then Quicktime 3 is also available, we understand, on a free PC PRO Magazine CD. After all the trouble Wendy had getting them to work, we hope you enjoy them!

The first video clip is a 15 second extract from a half-hour display, performed in the Special Events Ring at Crufts in 1995 at the NEC, by 22 carters drawn from the membership of most of the UK Bernese Mountain Dog Clubs, and organised under the auspices of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain.

The manoeuvre being performed is the "reverse", with Wendy showing Cresta reversing her cart
(in the background is Cliff, with Tirass reversing the 'Cheeses from Switzerland' two-wheeled cart).

The clip is 216kb and takes about two and a half minutes to load.

The second video clip, 25 seconds this time, is taken from another display in the Special Events Ring at Crufts again, but one year later, in 1996, and features an element which we called "The Swiss Cross", in which the moving carts form the shape of the Swiss flag.

This clip is 373kb and should take about four minutes to load,
but most of it should do so while you're watching the first clip.

The remaining clips are on YouTube

Midland Bernese Carters at the Rushden Cavalcade May 2011

Midland Bernese Carters at the Hollowell Steam & Heavy Horse Show July 2013

Midland Bernese Carters at the Earls Barton Vintage Rally & Country Fayre August 2013
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