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The Pandemic meant that in 2020 all events were cancelled. For the team, that also meant that no funds were raised for charity and other deserving causes. Regrettably 2021 isn't looking much better at the moment either. While the Pandemic may not be at the same level as last year, most event organisers are being understandably cautious about the viability of their shows because of the risk of a flare up.
So far, the only event that we know of which is still going ahead is the Carters' Get Together (outdoors) at Pimlico at the end of June. Although it's possible that all restrictions will have been lifted by then,in the event that their termination date is delayed, there shouldn't be a problem because the event is outdoors, with everyone staying in their own caravans or tents, and with plenty of room to social distance if required. I believe that the UK Carting Group will be there as well to organise some carting.Tim and Maggie are the people to contact for details and booking.

Having previously had a bitch who bloated (but fortunately survived, and lived to a good age) we felt that the information contained in the following link was very helpful, particularly for those who haven't encountered this dreadful, life threatening condition, and therefore we decided to make it available to visitors to this website in the hope that it might save a life.
Quick Reference Guide for Bloat

The STARTING CARTING page is an ongoing project, and will be periodically expanded and updated.
This website was originally created in February 1998 as a 'homepage' by Pete & Wendy Garrard of the Midland Bernese Carters, but was moved to its current URL in April 2000, as the MIDLAND BERNESE CARTERS Website and is periodically updated with new information. Our thanks to Danielle Green for giving her permission for us to adapt her original Bernese Cartoon sketches.
©Pete & Wendy Garrard

Please note that this is principally a carting website, and while we're happy to answer questions about living with Bernese, problems, training, carting and so on, we're sorry, but we're not able to help with enquiries regarding breeding or puppies.
Before considering whether or not you want a Bernese, we would suggest that you research them thoroughly, for which a recommended starting point might be the Bernese Breeders Association, whose link follows.

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If you feel that you may wish to consider re-homing a Bernese Mountain Dog instead, then a lot of useful information is available on [Dog and Cart]

You may also find it useful to visit to some of the UK Bernese Mountain Dog Club websites

[Dog and Cart]
The BMDC of GB Website

[Dog and Cart]
The Central Bernese Mountain Dog Club Website

For more information about Bernese generally, you can also if you wish, make your way around the Bernese Mountain Dog Web-Ring

This Bernese Mountain Dog Web Ring site is
owned by the Midland Bernese Carters.

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Or alternatively, the Berner Ring -

The Berner Ring
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A condition of using the 'waving flags' on our website, is that we include a link to 3D Flags' own website, by way of a 'quid pro quo'. Should you wish to visit them yourselves, therefore, the link follows:

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